Monday, August 10, 2009

Something New , Something Different.

As youth turns into adolescence we become aware of the things that influence us into becoming who we are. Time passes and a career comes to mind in which we want to succeed and possess great knowledge on. Becoming a Chef brings not only great joy to myself but to those who feel the same way about food.

Being a Chef in not only about how well you cook but also about the history and the culture beneath. It is considered to be an art that allows many, such as myself to express ourselves through food. Being able to expand creativity and develop the skills that are needed to for fill the goal of becoming a Chef. By pursuing my dream I would be able to succeed in my career in hopes to connect to the world through my committed passion for culinary arts.

I will be dedicating some time into posting a blog each week on a recipe that I have tried in hopes that someone out there will read them, try them, oh and of course enjoy them! I hope you will all be in tuned to read my blog! Feedback is always good ! So feel free to express yourselves.

Until next time,